Saturday, 26 March 2016

Picking Your Wedding Colour Scheme

Picking a colour or colours for your wedding might sound easy, but for a lot of couples this is one of the first hurdles. If ever i'm asked for guidance on this, the first thing I suggest is not to pick a colour of the moment.

Usually, a wedding is planned and carried out in a 12 month period which means a colour that is 'so hot right now' will be lukewarm in 12 months time. Also, you and your partner need to be surrounded by these colours for 12 months, they will be part of your stationary, decorations, clothing... everything. If you pick something because it's cool when you get engaged, chances are you'll loathe it by the time your wedding rolls around.

My tip is to pick colours that you've always been drawn to. Colours that you may have introduced into your home or even your wardrobe. Personally, I've always been drawn to minty greens, moody blues and muted tones... but whatever your chosen colours, pick strong representations of you and your partner. It's make the journey so much more bearable.

Below are some examples of Wedding Colour Schemes that will compliment your perfect day and could just be what you've been looking for...

*all pictures can be found on Pinterest