Saturday, 23 January 2016

Open Shelves in your Kitchen

Open shelves have become a regular feature in kitchen design across the globe. This particular feature can be incorporated into several different design styles such as Retro, Minimalist, Modernist and French Country.

In my kitchen at home, the lines are clean and colours are simple however when we moved in the wall above the stove/oven was bare which for me, was too much to bear. The rangehood had become a feature in itself and let's face it, it isn't exactly a design feature you want to highlight.


If you're faced with the same issue in your kitchen, consider open shelves as a simple and effective way of introducing more storage and also a clever way of incorporating your rangehood into the overall design of your kitchen. For added effect, paint your open shelves the same colour as your walls, even though you're introducing more elements to the room, it will make it your room appear larger.