Monday, 25 January 2016

5 of the Best... Australia Day Edition

Aussies around Australia and indeed around the world are celebrating today, Australia Day.

So, how can you introduce a touch of 'Straya into your decorative home? I can safely say it doesn't involve framing a pair of thongs and mounting them on the wall.

My apologies in advance for there not being a small Tasmanian coaster... Sorry Tassie.

Coast to Coasters - State Side Clothing

Sulfur Crested Cockatoo Print - tinykiwi prints

Koala Design DIY Cushion Kit - Pete Cromer

Moreton Bay Fig & Cockatoo Table Runner - 4 Leaf Clover

Waratah Tea Towel - O and Co Creative

Only because Wombats are my favourite Australian Animal, here's a sneaky 6th piece for your decorative home.

Geometric Wombat Art Print - Studio Cockatoo