Sunday, 4 October 2015

Inspiration from your Surroundings...

Out of all the places in the world (yes, I said world) my absolute favourite place is our family property in country NSW. If ever there was a place to recharge, recover, regroup, it's there. Growing up and always having 'a get away' has been an absolute privilege and one that I now cherish and crave on a regular basis.

On our last trip up 'to the farm' (which by the way has no animals on it other than the local wildlife, our family dog and 2 x cats so shouldn't therefore be referred to as a farm but for the purposes of this post... is a farm), I managed to withdraw from the fireplace and take a look at my surroundings. Thanks to some recent rain, the grass was much greener than the shade it was in Summer/Autumn and being the start of Spring, the blossoms were beginning to awaken. THE perfect time to visit!

(Photo: Nina Marland)

(Photo: Nina Marland)

Gloucester Country Club (Photo: Nina Marland)

Want to take inspiration from this wonderful part of Australia? I'm thinking crisp white like the early morning dew on the new growth of Spring grass, timber to represent our cladded home and blossoms in bloom...

Test Tube Vases - Kmart

Harbour Hanging Planter - Mercer + Reid

Small Glass Demijohn - Target

Lisa T Tealight Holder - Target

Portsea MKII Stool - Freedom