Friday, 17 July 2015

Inspiration from your Surroundings...

Taking inspiration from your surroundings is one of the key tips I give anyone decorating their home. Just last week, my partner and I made our yearly trip to the Snowy Mountains of NSW to visit Perisher and to soak up the atmosphere and drink up the mulled wine.

Even though i'm a Summer baby (born mid-December), I have always found relaxation and comfort in the colder climates and Winter months. I made a point this trip of trying to work out why this is, why am I attracted to snow, clear blue skies overhead and freezing temperatures? I think I finally worked it out... the colours.

When it comes to decorating, I'm a neutral lover with a hint of pop. Hence the love of fresh white snow and spotted cloud against a blue sky in contrast with the deep green of the forest pines against a grey sky and light brown grass waiting for a sprinkling of powder. All the colours i've just mentioned feature in my home.
Snowy Mountains of NSW (Alpine Road) - Photo Nina Marland
Perisher Resort (Front Valley) - Photo Nina Marland
You can achieve calmness as well as a decorative home just by looking around at what makes you happy. Is it a trip to the beach with your kids? Or even a bbq in your own backyard? Inspiration is all around you and you can adapt it to your own home to create a fantastic, functional decorative home.