Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Good design for less...

Often, people think good design is out of reach and therefore don't bother to think outside the square for their home. There are plenty of options when it comes to decorating your home with stylish design pieces that will be the envy of every visitor that drops round.

A great place to start is IKEA. Long known for it's affordable and predictable pieces, they are now being known for clever and chic design that will partner well with both expensive and less expensive items. Always on trend, they have key pieces to suit any decorative home...
AROD Work Lamp, Grey $79
DINERA 18-Piece Dinner Set, Grey/Blue $19.99
NIPPRIG Rug, Assorted Colours $14.99
Previously, I wouldn't have stepped foot in a Kmart for homewares or decoration (only for CD's when CD's were cool) or even dreamed that they had pieces worth swooning over but they have 'done a 180' and have been producing items that will compliment any good design. Whether you're after small storage solutions, a place to rest your feet or even a container for your pegs, Kmart have something for everyone and all at a reasonable price!
Knitted Ottoman, Natural $29
Peg Tin, White $7
Dipped Laundry Hamper, White $29

 I've certainly saved my favourite till last... buy second hand. I regularly take a trip to my local Salvos and search through bric-a-brac, furniture and fabric to find the hidden gems that are always there, if you look hard enough. Shopping second hand is a great way to add decorative items and good design to your home for less. Occasionally, you'll find a piece that might need a bit of work but never fear! You could have just found a piece that will stay in your family for years and years to come... isn't that worth a bit of work?
Italian Glass Canisters - Salvos

Wooden Crates used for Wine Storage - Ebay

Marble Chess Set - Salvos
 Hopefully, I've started getting you to think outside the square when it comes to adding design to your home for less. Sometimes less is definitely best (especially when it comes to money!).