Sunday, 9 November 2014

Shelving Arguments

It seems the hardest decision I've had to make lately regarding our home, is where to put up our wall shelves. It's been going on for months, no exaggeration, months! Ever had the same feeling?

I have already purchased two different shelf brackets, both from IKEA and both equally viable... just can't pinpoint a winner.

Ekby Gallo - IKEA

Ekby Valter - IKEA

If they are positioned on the wall you see as you enter the apartment, it would be a great space for display but the style of Ekby Gallo hangs a little too low for my boyfriend to sit comfortably at the dining table (situated under the shelves). Arguments were had over the weekend regarding this... what doesn't help is that there's a good 30cms or so in height difference between the boyfriend and myself so I will never win that argument.

The Ekby Valter bracket is great and can be painted the same colour as our wall (light grey) so it would blend in seamlessly BUT it involves two holes to be drilled per shelf and is a little more 'bulky' because of the thick timber, which we already have a lot of in the apartment. So it's back to square one.

Option two is to put either of the already purchased brackets on a section of wall at a right angle to our main window. The window is around 1800mm wide and the shelves would 'block' around 300mm, hardly cause for concern... but there was a lot of concern during our previously mentioned argument (not from my side I might add).

So, what to do!? I feel like I settle on a spot and then sleep on it... only to find my mind has changed (again) by morning light.
I will ofcourse keep you posted, but here are some great uses of the Ekby Gallo and Ekby Valter, both available from in the meantime...

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