Monday, 3 November 2014


Wow, what a year!
After taking a step away from my computer (due to numerous reasons), I am safely back where it feels most comfortable... writing about my interests, passions and pursuits.

My partner Graham and I have been in our little shoebox apartment for nearly a year now after jumping onto the property ladder. I must say it feels amazing to finally have four brick walls around us that are ours, it's the little things some days, right?

Among other things, we've tackled painting, furniture restoration and IKEA construction which in itself is a strong test of any relationship.

If there's a peaceful side to moving though, it's when you've paid the strong, burley men and watched their truck drive off onto the next job and you stand within your new space before all of the smaller 'stuff' emerges from the many, many boxes. It's a peaceful calm before the agonising storm of 'where did I put that thing I had for the job I have to do now...?' which you know will happen (more than once).

Peaceful Calm Before the Storm
I was handed down two key furniture pieces for our new home from my parents... a small (perfect sized) dining table and a wooden drinks trolley, that's all you need... isn't it? The table needed a lot of work but after two full days of sanding, sanding again and finally sanding a third time, the laquer was removed (below is a progress shot).

Perfect Sized Dining Table
The Drinks Trolley was equally as hard and took a lot longer than expected, but I went with trusty gold and it looks spectacular.

Metallic Gold Drinks (Bar) Trolley

There is still a load of work to do to our shoebox but I must say it's pretty special to live by the water, especially in a city as big as Sydney.

Beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney