Thursday, 28 June 2012

Child's Play

Children's rooms have always been something I love to research and create. It's possibly the only place in a home where colour knows no boundaries or limits, and fun truly does reign supreme.

The overall design of the space is crucial for optimising storage whilst keeping the feeling of space. Whether it's a nursery or a retreat, effective planning is key to creating a functional room. This can be achieved through many clever design features which not only add colour and drama to the space, but can be modified and adapted as your child grows.

Neutral Baby's Room

Functional Young Adults Retreat

Fun and Funky Lego Storage Boxes

For those wanting to decorate their child's room, you can add new details very cheaply by simply adding decals (stickers) to the walls, hanging a cluster of paper lanterns in a corner or even finding a few bits and bobs in striking colours which will capture your little ones attention and imagination.

Wall Decal

Wall Decal

Paper Lanterns

Little Lamb Freckle Ottoman - 

Toy Melbourne Tram -

Rabbit Lamp -

Enjoy the search for items and ideas to use in your child's room. It's a time for curiosity and exploration so create a room which allows your child to do this and remember, they're only a child once!