Friday, 9 March 2012

Timber Madness!

Over the past year i've developed a lust/longing/love for all things timber. I'm not talking 'ski chalet in Switzerland/over the top' timber, instead try a mild, organic approach.

You can add timber to any home relatively easily. It could be via floorboards, panelling (chair rail height) around the room, handmade/mass produced furniture or even the smallest of additions... a photo frame!
If you're wanting to add something a little organic or handmade to your home, search antique markets/stores or even your local Salvos for bargains.

The great thing with timber is that it will always look good. And if it doesn't? Sand it back and start again!

Timber Floorboards (Limewash Finish)

Wide Timber Floorboards

Timber Panelling (Bathroom)

Timber Furniture (Mass Produced)

Recycled Timber Chairs