Saturday, 17 March 2012

Owl Crazy

Now, I know Owls have been used in Decor & Design for a little while now, BUT i'd like to talk about their influence on me. My obsession started way back in the 80's when I had a 'not so imaginery' friend who was a pure white Owl. He would sit on my window sill almost every night (for a couple of years) and I would talk to him about the world's problems as well as my own for hours.

My Mother recently bought me a very old, hand painted picture from an antique store with the following saying on it;
A wise old Owl
Sat on an oak-
The more he saw
The less he spoke-
The less he Spoke
The more he heard.
Why aren't we like
That wise old bird?

I don't think my Mother realises how much I now cherish this picture. It represents everything that my 'imaginery' friend did when I was a child. Sometimes you just need someone to listen, and sometimes we should stop what we're doing and listen.

Nowadays, Owls are frequently popping up in decor & design. Here are some examples of a much beloved bird;


Wooden Ornaments

Vinyl Decals

His & Her Softies


Wall Clock

Plaster Cast Lamp Base